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Starting Your Own Pressure Washing Company

Nothing compares to the excitement of being in control of your own schedule. You will have complete control over your life and where you want to live, as well as how much money you make when you learn how to start a pressure washing company. Ask Buford Pressure Washing Pros, they created their pressure washing company based on our coaching and it changed everything for them. Plus, when you are being paid, you will be able to breathe the fresh air and have a better routine.

You will still get a say on how fast the business becomes. For example, you can start small and only keep a few clients. You may also branch out into new areas and services, such as driveways, decks and patios, office houses, and even heavy equipment and truck washing.

You are the only one that can determine how fast the company expands. What you need is physical strength to operate the machinery and a determination to live for yourself.

An Exclusive Strategy

Your company strategy should be written exclusively for you. It is how you can figure out how the company can make profits. Make a business plan for your pressure washing company. The design does not need to look professional. Still, it should cover all your pressure washing business parts, including a list of equipment and supplies, consumer forms, prices, start-up, working capital requirements, and projected costs.

The role of planning in the power washing industry cannot be overstated, just as it cannot be overstated in the business sector. A successful plan will easily mean the difference between success and failure as an entrepreneur, from choosing which pressure washing services you want to sell to pricing and improving your competitive edge.

The easiest way to go about this is to write a strategic plan that outlines your operating strategy from beginning to finish.

Learning How To Power Wash

Learning how to power wash is equally important. Although learning how to pressure wash is much easier than learning many other professional skills, there is a major learning process when going pro.

Your best mate in practicing power washing methods would be YouTube, as it is with other stuff these days. There are several videos online that cover everything from equipment selection to procedures and equipment care. As many as you can spot, keep an eye on them. You should bring your learned experience to good use once you have learned the technique.

If you have the financial ability to do any of this, the easiest way to learn how to power wash is to purchase a pressure washer and begin using it right away. If you are a homeowner, you can begin your training by pressure washing the outside of your home, which includes driveways, siding, brick, deck, fences, and sidewalks are some examples of materials to train on.

Buying Equipment

You can purchase the appropriate materials, a suitable truck, pressure washing supplies, and equipment or use your own. Pressure washing equipment and accessories are available at hardware shops, landscape supply stores, and janitorial supply houses, depending on the facilities provided. 

Where possible, purchase locally to build business connections that can lead to customer reviews. There is no reason to be concerned if you do not own a house. Some people are usually willing to let you work on their land in exchange for free power washing. 

If you do not have the money to buy a power washer or cannot find a suitable practice place, you might consider working with another power washing company for a while. This will not only help you learn the techniques you will need to start your own pressure washing company, but it will also allow you to earn money toward purchasing your own equipment when you are ready.

Learning the basics of the pressure washing machine is essential. However, pressure washing is a simple concept to understand. Water under pressure is strong enough to clear every surface with dust. But be smart! Because of the high pressure, certain surfaces and vegetation can be damaged.


Although it is a relatively easy concept, many inexperienced pressure washers will make mistakes. Before you start pressure washing, you will need to do some homework. As mentioned above, there are several videos available that teach various techniques. Before you go all-in on your company, make sure your services are of the highest quality.