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Starting Your Own Pressure Washing Company

Nothing compares to the excitement of being in control of your own schedule. You will have complete control over your life and where you want to live, as well as how much money you make when you learn how to start a pressure washing company. Ask Buford Pressure Washing Pros, they created their pressure washing company based on our coaching and it changed everything for them. Plus, when you are being paid, you will be able to breathe the fresh air and have a better routine.

You will still get a say on how fast the business becomes. For example, you can start small and only keep a few clients. You may also branch out into new areas and services, such as driveways, decks and patios, office houses, and even heavy equipment and truck washing.

You are the only one that can determine how fast the company expands. What you need is physical strength to operate the machinery and a determination to live for yourself.

An Exclusive Strategy

Your company strategy should be written exclusively for you. It is how you can figure out how the company can make profits. Make a business plan for your pressure washing company. The design does not need to look professional. Still, it should cover all your pressure washing business parts, including a list of equipment and supplies, consumer forms, prices, start-up, working capital requirements, and projected costs.

The role of planning in the power washing industry cannot be overstated, just as it cannot be overstated in the business sector. A successful plan will easily mean the difference between success and failure as an entrepreneur, from choosing which pressure washing services you want to sell to pricing and improving your competitive edge.

The easiest way to go about this is to write a strategic plan that outlines your operating strategy from beginning to finish.

Learning How To Power Wash

Learning how to power wash is equally important. Although learning how to pressure wash is much easier than learning many other professional skills, there is a major learning process when going pro.

Your best mate in practicing power washing methods would be YouTube, as it is with other stuff these days. There are several videos online that cover everything from equipment selection to procedures and equipment care. As many as you can spot, keep an eye on them. You should bring your learned experience to good use once you have learned the technique.

If you have the financial ability to do any of this, the easiest way to learn how to power wash is to purchase a pressure washer and begin using it right away. If you are a homeowner, you can begin your training by pressure washing the outside of your home, which includes driveways, siding, brick, deck, fences, and sidewalks are some examples of materials to train on.

Buying Equipment

You can purchase the appropriate materials, a suitable truck, pressure washing supplies, and equipment or use your own. Pressure washing equipment and accessories are available at hardware shops, landscape supply stores, and janitorial supply houses, depending on the facilities provided. 

Where possible, purchase locally to build business connections that can lead to customer reviews. There is no reason to be concerned if you do not own a house. Some people are usually willing to let you work on their land in exchange for free power washing. 

If you do not have the money to buy a power washer or cannot find a suitable practice place, you might consider working with another power washing company for a while. This will not only help you learn the techniques you will need to start your own pressure washing company, but it will also allow you to earn money toward purchasing your own equipment when you are ready.

Learning the basics of the pressure washing machine is essential. However, pressure washing is a simple concept to understand. Water under pressure is strong enough to clear every surface with dust. But be smart! Because of the high pressure, certain surfaces and vegetation can be damaged.


Although it is a relatively easy concept, many inexperienced pressure washers will make mistakes. Before you start pressure washing, you will need to do some homework. As mentioned above, there are several videos available that teach various techniques. Before you go all-in on your company, make sure your services are of the highest quality.

Acquiring Clients & Marketing Strategies

If you are thinking about starting a pressure washing company, make sure to prepare and budget for a marketing campaign that includes both short and long-term goals and benchmarks.

You will need to sell jobs regularly to keep the power washing company running. Although many new pressure washing business owners view lead generation from a sales angle, strategic inbound marketing is a much more effective way to expand the company over time.

If you are tech-savvy and comfortable dealing with Google Ads or social media platforms, doing it yourself might be the most cost-effective option. However, there might be more efficient ways for you to invest your time from a big-picture viewpoint. If that is the case, even if you are not too familiar with marketing strategies, it is probably best to outsource the marketing.

Develop A Marketing Strategy For Your Company

  • Develop a Website

To encourage clients to your company in 2020, you will need a website. It not only establishes a way for clients to reach you, but it also maintains your credibility. Potential customers are more likely to believe that your firm is genuine and that you can finish their job to their specifications if you have a company website.

Your website should provide important information about your business, such as the services you provide, contact information, and links to your social media accounts.

  • Marketing on Social Media

Social networking is an excellent way to reach out to new customers to advertise your services. What sites, on the other hand, can you use? Because of its growing user base, which includes those who are more likely to buy a home, Facebook is usually the best option.

To gain visibility for your company, you can post photos of your offerings, consumer reviews, and any new deals. To bring loyal customers up to date with the new deals and service services, invite them to join you on social media.

  • Marketing Using Word-of-Mouth

Word of mouth marketing is a more common form of marketing that entails collecting and publicizing consumer testimonials to get potential customers to use the services. People are more inclined to believe what you have to say for your services than what you have to say yourself.

  • Paid Advertising

Paid ads come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Paid advertising, which ranges from broadcast commercials to internet ads, is mostly reserved for companies with bigger budgets and a need to expand more quickly. However, paid ads are best left for later in the company activities because they can be very expensive.

  • Use Flyers

When it comes to service-based companies, flyers or print ads are the most popular marketing tactic. It functions and with good cause. You will easily gain visibility to many new customers by producing and circulating flyers to local communities.

On your flyers, you should provide the basics of your firm, such as your organization’s name, the services you provide, and how they can contact you. Companies will either place flyers in paper boxes or send them to customers’ doorsteps. You may want to try getting your flyers shipped. This is more expensive, but it has a higher exchange rate.

  • Door-To-Door Marketing

Door-to-door advertisement is another common form of advertising for service-based companies. This entails meeting new customers at their homes and conversing with them. This approach can take the most time and effort, but it can be more effective than other marketing methods.

  • Vehicle Wraps

In the service sector, vehicle wraps are a popular means of marketing. What is the reason for this? They are efficient at having consumers call without requiring much effort on their part. This low-cost method of obtaining leads is incredibly effective. A car wrap will set you back a couple of thousand dollars, but it will always pay for itself in the first few years of operation. A vehicle wrap, therefore, defines the company as genuine and reliable.

Final Words

At the end of the day, you will need to think about your strong suits while organizing your day-to-day plans and be willing to outsource when it makes sense. You are going to need to devise a strategy for finding new customers for your services.

Maintaining Your Equipment

You cannot run a good power washing company with a damaged power washer, no matter how much we like to believe the contrary. Unfortunately for a new power washing business owner, the machinery used to complete jobs usually necessitates a significant amount of services to keep everything going.

You should set together a basic maintenance plan for your machines that includes daily oil adjustments, seal tests, and general well-being reviews to minimize needless downtime and keep customer loyalty as high as possible.

You should focus on replacing the oil in your pressure washer engine per 100 working hours at the very least. The same can be said for the oil in your pump. You can also check your wands, surface spinners, nozzles, and hoses daily for use. Ideally, you should set aside enough resources to finance a spare piece of equipment that is more prone to wear and tear.

When you bring backup nozzles, hoses, and wands to each task, you can save a lot of time if you run into equipment failure. If you are going to pull the pressure washer with a vehicle, you will need to prepare for preventative maintenance. Fluid updates and checks regularly will help ensure that the machinery does not fail you when you need it most.

Things To Consider

There are a few other things you will need to start a good pressure washing company, apart from the obvious items like the pressure washer itself. 

  • Pressure Washers

Pressure washers come with a wide variety of sizes and labels, making it possible to get overloaded. In general, you can assess the pressure washer’s efficiency by looking at two factors: the amount of power it produces and the manufacturer’s name.

The faster it is to wash surfaces with a powerful pressure washer. Although you do not need the finest and most costly pressure washer to get started, you should consider some time savings that may accrue from both machine repair and cleaning ease.

Several brands are well-known and have excellent ratings. You should do your homework before purchasing because it can be very expensive.

  • Transportation of Equipment

To move your equipment to and from work, you will need a vehicle. To transport your supplies, you can buy a truck with a bed or a truck with a trailer. Although the age or model of your vehicle is not essential, you will want to be sure it is capable of carrying your things.

  • Solutions for Cleaning

Many pressure washers will disinfect surfaces with a cleaning solution in addition to the water pressure. This may or may not be appropriate, depending on the strength of your washer and the amount of dust.


Although the initial expense of starting a pressure washing company will be low, you can factor in the continuing costs of operating the business. Below is the cost that needs to be calculated before starting the business.

  • Maintenance of the Equipment

You might overlook the cost of maintenance for your pressure washers and vehicles if you run a small pressure washing company. It is easy to forget these, but the time and resources expended on equipment maintenance will quickly add up.

  • Cost of the Fuel

Your service would cost you money in the form of fuel for each customer, depending on where your business is located. Think about how much it costs to charge your pressure washers.

  • Hiring Employees

If you have a wider staff operation, you will need a clear estimate of how much you can spend for them. Labor costs can be budgeted higher, depending on the number of jobs you have.

  • Costs for Marketing

Depending on your efforts, marketing expenses can vary greatly. Few businesses may spend a lot of money on ads, while others may spend very little. It is a good idea to have ads in your business strategy so you can get off to a good start.

  • Space for Office or Warehouse

This can be costly each month, whether you have an office or retail room for your business. The cost is measured based on your area.

Bottom Line

Pressure washing work that you are not comfortable with should be avoided. If you use pressure washers incorrectly, they will permanently ruin certain objects, and you will be held responsible. Understand how to use both pressure washers and additives, and still wear safe clothes. When pressure washers and such materials are used incorrectly, they can cause damage.